Youth Service Manager

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The Youth Service Manager is a member of DREAM’s Leadership Team. DREAM’s Leadership Team strives to fulfill our organization’s mission of closing the opportunity gap.

The Youth Service Manager has five primary areas of focus: 1) practice and promote diversity, equity and inclusion so the diverse population we serve is represented among our staff and volunteers and that they bring knowledge of social and racial justice as it pertains to the opportunity gap for low income youth 2) to fulfill our mission by engaging each enrolled youth in each applicable element of our program model 3) to recruit and build a corps of volunteer mentors from college campuses 4) to support our team of AmeriCorps members and supervisors who engage in direct service with our youth, families and volunteers and 5) to manage and maintain DREAM’s relationships and general operations in their assigned region.

The DREAM Program is committed to dismantling systems of oppression that affect our youth and families. This organizational commitment means that members should join this space with an intention of learning, unlearning, and diving into ways that your involvement will directly contribute to DREAM’s mission of reducing the Opportunity Gap while also supporting the dismantling of other systemic inequities. We seek members who contribute to The DREAM Program’s diverse community, as having different perspectives, identities, and skills are what allow us to excel in our service. DREAM seeks members who are ready to engage in and foster an inclusive environment, and who strive to deliver culturally appropriate and relevant programming to the youth we serve. Incoming members and staff should understand that we serve marginalized communities, which means that it is imperative that diversity, equity, and inclusivity are infused into every aspect of our work as an organization.

-Recruit 20 youth and 20 mentors.
-Build a relationship with every volunteer mentor.
-Express a passion for and an understanding of social and racial justice as it pertains to the opportunity gap for low income youth.
-Assure each volunteer is prepared, trained and provides a culturally appropriate experience to the youth and families served.
-Build a relationship with every youth and their family.
-DREAM youth and families have agency over their DREAM experience.
-DREAM youth engage in weekly Village Mentoring and report a high quality experience and relationship with their mentors.
-DREAM youth attend and succeed in school.
-DREAM youth make learning gains over the summer and have a lot of fun.
-DREAM youth gain a broader sense of the world.