Town Meeting Day 2023

On the first Tuesday of March Town Meeting Day, Vermont’s communities engage with civic issues at the local level through the practice of direct democracy. In addition to approving town reports and budgets, electing new leaders, and discussing social issues, Town Meeting Day is an opportunity to support nonprofit organizations that provide services to your community.

Wondering how your organization can get on municipal ballots? Read this guide from the Secretary of State’s office: Getting on the Ballot: A Practical Guide for Social Service Agencies.

2023 Results Highlights:

Town Meeting Overview

How does voting work? Many Vermont towns hold in-person meetings with discussions and floor-votes, some towns opt to vote on issues solely by Australian ballot, and others utilize both decision making processes. This year, Act 1 (H. 42) of 2023 gives municipalities have the option to postpone their 2023 and 2024 meetings to a later date or hold the meeting remotely.

Where do I find information for my town? Most municipalities will share information about Town Meeting Day and ballot items on their website. For a complete list of 2023 polling locations and voting processes, click here. More information can be found on the Secretary of State’s site.

To learn more about what to expect this Town Meeting Day, see Vermont League of Cities and Towns’ 2023 Vermont Town Meeting Day Preview and “By the Numbers” excerpt below.

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