Green Mountain Support Services Board Member

Green Mountain Support Services

Overview of Organization

Green Mountain Support Services was originally incorporated as Sterling Area Services in 1986. We were founded as a Specialized Service Agency to provide an alternative for individuals seeking developmental services. Our recognized specialty was helping individuals who experience challenging behaviors to more effectively communicate their needs so that they can live their best lives. While our services have expanded over the years, this remains a core strength. Today, we are designated by the Department of Aging and Independent Living to provide care in several programs including:

Developmental Services
Choices for Care – Adult Family Care
Brain Injury

We believe all people have the right to direct their own lives and that our job is to meet people where they are and find out, from them, how we can best support them to attain their goals. If you choose to receive services from GMSS, you will have a team of dedicated professionals that works together to provide the supports you need and want.

Mission Area: Mental/Behavioral Health and Crisis Intervention
Size of Organization:
Over $10M

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Position Overview

Over the past 12+ months, GMSS has overcome significant challenges and is now seeking to grow the board to enable strong leadership and oversight of this critical organization. As a Specialized Agency, GMSS is governed by DAIL SA rules, including the make up of the board, the training requirements of the board, and the functions of the board. We meet in person June, July, and Sept and remotely for the remainder of the year.  We don’t have a scheduled meeting in August and have been known to not meet in December.

Desired Skills: Nonprofit Financials, Management/Leadership, Advocacy/Policy, Strategy/Business Planning

Additional Information

Current # of Board Members: 6
Carries liability insurance?:
Carries D&O liability insurance?:
Time Expectations:
3-6 hours.
Meeting Frequency: Once a month
Meeting Location: Lamoille County
Length of Term (in years): 2
Financial contribution required?: No
Service on committee required?: No

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