Common Good VT & Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Launch Webinar Partnership

We are excited to announce our upcoming webinar partnership with the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits this August. Vermont nonprofits can register at the member rate for only $35!

Member code: NCN

Please note that participants must set up an MCN account to register and can only register one person per registration.

Well-Being, Trauma, and Resilience: The Science of Thriving
August 26, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

COVID-19 has created a state of collective trauma and amplified the trauma of historically disadvantaged communities. How does this trauma impact our brains and our ability to do our best work? Sharing Positive Psychology research – the science of human thriving – presenters will demonstrate what the science of trauma, well-being, and personal resilience can teach us about working together in a global pandemic. 

Researchers have long associated well-being with productivity in the workplace, but how can we foster happiness and well-being in the global workforce in this time of collective trauma? While we adjust to and design a new normal, our ability to remain productive at work and maintain positive relationships with our colleagues and clients depends on our adaptability and personal resilience. 

Attendees will leave this session with a deeper understanding of what happens to their brains and work output during traumatic events or stress. Break-out rooms will allow attendees to practice evidence-based strategies for enhancing personal resilience and fostering thriving working relationships. The research presented will prove that thriving at work is possible even in the most challenging circumstances.

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Advancing Racial Equity
August 26, 01:00 PM – 03:00 PM

Racial equity efforts are gaining momentum across many aspects of society, including in corporate, governmental, nonprofit, educational, and faith community settings. Undertaking substantive and effective change around institutional and personal racism requires an understanding of the history and context of race in the U. S. This workshop provides the history and context necessary for recognizing white privilege, challenging racism, and advancing racial equity.

This workshop is ideal for any individual working to challenge inequity and racism. Individuals with more background on these topics will gain new ways of talking about race and racism, as a means to support changes in your community. Individuals newer to these topics will walk away with a greater sense of the national and local history of race and racism, as a context for understanding your place in the conversation. Whether your nonprofit works in areas of housing, education, health, the arts, or the environment – understanding the history of race and privilege helps us understand how to work better today.

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Storytelling for Grantseekers
August 27, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

This virtual workshop will explore the power of storytelling in grantseeking. Participants will hear, reflect on, and discuss several impactful stories from the presenter while also briefly exploring the work of Marshall Ganz through a writing exercise that uses Ganz’s model of storytelling: The story of self, the story of us, and the story of now. This model is something all grantseekers can employ when writing narratives for grant applications and grant reports. The session will close out by highlighting elements of strong storytelling for nonprofit organizations to keep in mind.
The workshop will cover: 

  • 4 Stories of impact
  • Reflection and discussion of stories
  • Elements of strong stories for nonprofits

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