Fall Nonprofit Webinar Series: Building Better Trainings & Events

Do you plan meetings, host events, or facilitate training at your nonprofit? Join us for our Fall webinar series to gain insight into best practices, frameworks, and tools to up your training and events game.  Register for all 3 for $33 or a la carte for $15 each by clicking on the title below. 

10/3 12 PM: Beyond Bad Training: A Toolkit for Trainers, Teachers, and Facilitators w/ Andy Robinson (On Demand Video Available)

In nearly every workplace or organization — nonprofit, for-profit, government — somebody needs to train somebody. Learn skills to become a better facilitator and trainer, including:

  • How to identify and avoid bad trainer behavior
  • Designing exercises and activities that engage your learners
  • Encouraging everyone to participate — and managing those who over-participate
  • Tips and tricks from the trainer’s toolbox

10/17 2 PM : Let’s Meet Again w/ Action Circles

This workshop is for anyone who wants to have better meetings. After this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define goals and objectives for every meeting
  • Develop an agenda that is satisfying and productive
  • Set up a meeting for maximum effectiveness
  • Get all meeting attendees to participate
  • Identify clear commitments made in the meeting
  • End the meeting clearly, with next steps and commitments

10/30 12 PM : Find Your Flock with Fun Events  w/ Action Circles

Fun Events are the first step in the Action Circles Model of Organizing. Fun Events are FUN and will help you find people who are interested in your issue and plug them into your campaign. Although these events require a fair amount of up front work, they pay off in a solid group of people who want to be involved in your work. This workshop is best for people who are responsible for organizing people for a specific cause or group. After this workshop, participants will know:

  • The key elements of an organizing event
  • How to create a workplan to get everything done on time
  • How to get people to come to the event
  • How to get people to sign up while at the event
  • How to design the event so people want to come back for another
  • How to get help to get it all done

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