Kickstart Your Leadership Goals with the Women’s Leadership Incubator! Apply by 9/30 for the October Cohort. (sponsored post)

  • Ready to take a leap in your leadership, but just can’t seem to find the time? 
  • Are you so busy leading your team that you can’t find the headspace to think strategically or vision?  
  • Tired of working through your big leadership challenges and questions on your own? 

The Women’s Leadership Incubator is an 8-week intensive, professional development program  designed to support women in social change leadership to become more effective leaders for themselves, their teams, and their communities. Equal parts coaching, training, and mastermind WLI gives you the tools, network, and coaching you need to crush your fears and go big on your goals. 

During our 8-weeks together, you will: 

  • Set breakthrough leadership goals AND advance them
  • Deepen your coaching skills by both providing and receiving coaching from your peers
  • Grow your confidence to act boldly in your life and work
  • Learn new tools, frameworks and resources to support your leadership
  • Develop a network of inspiring, brilliant women in leadership who will help you take your work forward 
  • Workshop your challenges and gain wise insight, perspective and feedback from others in a space just for you

This is for you if you are….

  • Actively leading a team or organization OR are in a position of influence
  • Have a minimum of 5 – 10 years of work experience
  • Committed to social change & making a difference
  • Ready to go after your goals for yourself AND your team
  • Wanting to both GIVE and GAIN wisdom from other amazing women 
  • Excited to build your leadership network
  • Ready to dedicate 2-hours/week for 8 weeks to your goals
  • Open to investing in your self-care as a CRITICAL way to lead others effectively   

Start Fall 2022 with everything you need to break down your barriers and go after your goals! Applications are open for October’s cohort and due by 9/30. For more information and to apply, click here:

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