Causal Pathways: Discovering How, Why, and When Our Strategies Matter

Date(s) - January 25, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Fee: Free
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In this LIVE complimentary session, we will explore how philanthropists, nonprofits, and evaluators can discover how change is really happening, even in complex, systems-focused initiatives.

In this program, we will:

  • Discover how and why we need to test theories of change, challenge assumptions, and explore cause and effect relationships that result from intentional systems-change efforts.
  • Unpack and debunk myths preventing the social sector from exploring causal pathways when evaluating social and environmental change initiatives, including myths about their usefulness and appropriateness for advancing equity.
  • Hear from diverse panelists about why understanding causality matters.
  • Build awareness of a larger network of leaders who are inspiring and supporting efforts to make visible how change is really happening in the world, so we can learn, adapt, and have greater impact.

This program will add valuable learning tools to the toolkits of philanthropists, nonprofit leaders, and independent players involved in impact measurement and evaluation of projects. The content is equally relevant to those in the United States and other countries. This webinar will contribute to the discourse explored in a recently published article about causal analysis in philanthropy.

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