Introduction to Financial Management

Date(s) - November 8, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Fee: $45
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Understanding financial health is one of the key responsibilities of staff in leadership and management positions. In this session, Maureen Miller will introduce attendees to the basic elements of financial management and the major financial components that staff in these positions need to monitor, including:

  • Budget management
  • Financial reporting
  • Cash flow & operating reserve
  • Grants & audit management
  • Financial wellness

The trainer will also discuss the importance of efficient financial systems, GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles), and documenting your policies and procedures.

Learning Objectives

Participants will leave this workshop with an understanding of the basic elements of financial management and what they should be reviewing on a regular basis to determine the financial health of the organization.


This workshop is for finance, program, and leadership staff who are responsible for the financial management of the organization or a program within the organization.

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About the Trainer

Maureen Miller is an expert at developing efficient and impactful financial systems that support organizations in achieving their strategic fiscal goals. She is an expert at translating complicated financial information to people with varied levels of financial knowledge.

Maureen has decades of experience in financial management, including 12 years as a finance & administrative director at a New Hampshire state-wide nonprofit, 16 years working with three different organizations within the University of New Hampshire system (Sustainability Institute, Carsey School of Public Policy, and the Institute on Disability), and eight years as a financial management consultant for nonprofits and small businesses.

An executive director at a nonprofit that Maureen works with recently stated, “Maureen’s expertise in nonprofit financial management has been very beneficial to our organization. Her customizable services streamline the work of managing daily, monthly, and annual accounting and fiscal oversight. For our board, Maureen has developed more user-friendly reporting to increase their understanding and oversight of our organization’s financial health. Additionally, Maureen is a pleasure to collaborate with and brings infectious enthusiasm to her work.”

Through her nonprofit leadership, business management, and entrepreneur experience, she has come to understand what it takes to run an organization effectively, and she uses this knowledge to improve the work of leadership, directors, managers, direct staff, and administrative staff, so that they can better support the communities they serve.