Organizational Mindfulness for Non-Profits

Date(s) - February 21, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Fee: Free
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Have you ever been so anxious and stressed out at work that you’ve wondered whether it’s worth it?

Client-facing non-profits and especially HR leaders in the non-profit sector have some of the most stress-producing and stress-absorbing jobs in an industry. Come and learn the ways in which organizational mindfulness (it’s not meditation!) offer quick and targeted methods for addressing acute anxiety, chronic stress, and reactivity in the workplace. In this webinar we’ll explore some of the issues and evidence, and you’ll walk away with four proven, quick skills to bring back to your teams.

The U.S. Surgeon-General and the CDC have identified anxiety and distraction as substantial negative factors in our modern workplaces. Employees and volunteers increasingly are focused on workplace wellbeing. Organizational Mindfulness offers science-based and outcome specific mindfulness practices that can revolutionize the way you and your teams experience stress, conflict, and workplace wellness. With Organizational Mindfulness, the focus is not on making an individual responsible for their mental health at work, but on using our organizational structures and processes to support wellness holistically, across the whole organization.

Your brain is your competitive advantage – your breath control is your superpower. Do you know how to make best use of them through applied mindfulness?

February 21, 2023 from 2-3pm Eastern. The webinar is capped at 30 spots and restricted to individuals working in the non-profit sector.

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