Workplace & Workforce 2023: A Forecast for Managers, Employees, and Job Seekers

Date(s) - February 14, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Fee: $29
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In a wide-ranging discussion, the panel of nonprofit executives will tackle:

● Last year we learned the terms “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing.” Now we’re hearing “quiet hiring” and “rage applying.” Experts will offer insights on how to promote healthier behavior.
● How is the economy affecting the job market and employee retention and what they foresee in 2023?
● Many employers, including those in the nonprofit sector, made new or renewed commitments to staff diversity, equity, and inclusion during the past few years. Here’s what they are observing.
● Experts will discuss youngest generation of today’s workforce. How are their expectations for the workplace and management different from those of more seasoned staff?

They wrap-up with advice for both hiring managers and job seekers during 2023.


● Deb Taft, Chief Executive Officer (Lindauer)
● Eric Dill, Senior Vice President (American Arbitration Association)
● Donna Murray-Brown, Vice President of Strategy and Development (National Council of Nonprofits)


● Paul Clolery, VP & Editorial Director (The NonProfit Times)
● Shannon McCracken, CEO (The Nonprofit Alliance)

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