Farm Connex Delivery Drivers

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The Center for an Agricultural Economy (CAE), based in Hardwick, VT, seeks 2 Delivery Drivers for our CAE Farm Connex program. We are hiring for both a part-time and full-time year-round position that is crucial to our day-to-day operations of CAE’s dynamic and expansive distribution program. CAE Farm Connex provides cold-chain freight service for farmers and food producers who may be “too small” or “too rural” to access other distribution channels. CAE Farm Connex headquarters is physically based in Hardwick, where its operation spans 6 days per week, and up to 20 hours each day. As a CAE Farm Connex driver, you will be part of a team operating our fleet of 5 delivery vehicles in service to our 21+ weekly routes, aggregating and delivering local products in 13 of 14 counties within the state of Vermont and in some adjoining areas of western New Hampshire. CAE Farm Connex provides services to farms, retail stores, public and private schools, institutions, distribution centers, and other food hubs, keeping the literal wheels turning for our local food system and economy!

Position: Farm Connex Delivery Driver
Reports to: Food Hub Operations Manager
Fulltime: 3-4 days a week, 32-40 hours per week
Parttime: 1-2 days a week, 8-20 hours per week
Compensation: Hourly rate starting at $20.50+ ; Non Exempt/regular position
Fulltime: Health Insurance and Health Savings Account, SIMPLE IRA, Employee assistance program, Employer-paid short-term disability and life insurance, quarterly phone stipend, paid time off, professional development compensation
Parttime: SIMPLE IRA, Employee assistance program, quarterly phone stipend, paid time off, professional development compensation

Minimum Qualifications: As dictated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), as required to fulfill duties specific to this role, the minimum requirements include: being age 21+ at the time of application, possessing a valid driver’s license, a clean motor vehicle record, the critical faculties required to safely operate a commercial vehicle, and ability to pass a CDL medical exam. Be able to interpret signage, converse, take instructions, and record information in written and/or spoken English.

To apply: Please review our full job posting on our website for instructions on how to apply. Let us know if you have any questions!

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