Program and Policy Specialist

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Program and Policy Specialist

Status: Non-Exempt, hourly

Location: Remote

Salary Range:  $25-28/hour depending on experience

Primary Role

To develop, manage, implement and evaluate programmatic initiatives in areas aligned to the mission and strategic directions of the organization with emphasis on mental health promotion, suicide prevention and substance misuse prevention (including alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, opiates and other drugs). This position will have duties to manage and develop projects under funding from state agencies, foundations and donors, and assist with the production of educational resources and training activities.  This work will be done in collaboration with other CHL staff in order to meet project requirements. Additionally, this position has special responsibilities to closely follow the Vermont legislative session to provide information and education on issues important to CHL. Occasionally, as the work requires, the incumbent may be required to work more than 20 hours per week and will occasionally need to be able to travel within Vermont.  CHL will follow state and federal overtime rules for pay over 40 hours per week.

Program Specialist Responsibilities (90%)

Develop working knowledge of relevant industry agencies, programs and practices;
Stay abreast of trends and research in relevant programs and apply to program development;
Serve as liaison to partners and stakeholders on programmatic activities;
Develop programs using a public health planning model,, including assessment, capacity-building, planning, marketing, implementation and evaluation;
Write program content and materials that promote fidelity and branding cohesion for products, grant deliverables, trainings and marketing;
Develop and implement evaluation tools including pre-assessment of needs and resources, post-assessments and program evaluations;
Communicate training and event needs to the Training and Event Coordinator and assist with logistics as needed;
Serve as moderator, co-trainer, facilitator, and/or coordinator of CHL training events, as assigned by the organization;
Convene and facilitate groups related to key initiatives;
Apply systems thinking and strategy to initiatives;
Ensure lenses of equity, diversity and inclusion, and cultural considerations are applied to projects;
Monitor and meet project objectives and deliverables;
Comply with project timeline tracking, budget & documentation management practices, and project reporting requirements;
Approve invoices, as needed;
Provide technical assistance to other organizations and individuals in program areas;
Contribute to the strategy in marketing events and products;
Contribute to the development of ideas for proposed project activities and grant submissions;
Assist with writing proposals for new projects, including budgets, work plans, reports, evaluations, logic models, and other supporting documentation required in applications.

Policy Specialist Responsibilities (10%)

Analyzes and interprets government policies, and evaluates potential impact to organization’s operation.
Conducts communications and interacts with government officials, agencies. and liaisons.
Acts as a liaison between legislative entities and the organization.
Provides information and education about public policy issues to CHL stakeholders.
Spearheads program elements related to policy and protocols.

Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in a related field, such as public policy, legal studies, criminal justice, gender studies, or social work;
Minimum of 3 years of experience in health care, or a public health field, community or school health environments;
Knowledge of health care and / or clinical level work preferred;
Demonstrated content knowledge and ongoing learning related to mental health, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and suicide prevention as applied to work with schools, health care, community services and public health organizations;
Demonstrated experience with program development and implementation;
Demonstrated fluency with current office and technology especially Google Suite products, virtual meetings and online learning platforms;
Experience with social justice work and social transformation advocacy/activism;
Strong writing, research and editing skills;
Interpersonal professionalism with excellent communication analysis and networking skills;
High-level planning and organizational skills;
Excellent time management practices; self-directed, disciplined and proficient at working remotely;
Creative, critical, strategic and detail-level thinking;
Passion for working with health care, public health, schools, and community service providers;
Understanding of the legislative process, political strategic planning, and the ability to build relationships across the political spectrum and in diverse communities.

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