Lamoille Area Recovery Network (LeARN)

The Lamoille Area Recovery Network (affectionately known as LeARN), the Lamoille Long-Term Flood Recovery Group, is searching for a Coordinator!  The ideal candidate is detail-oriented and organized community member who is passionate about ensuring all of our neighbors who were impacted by the flood receive recovery support.

Want to learn more?  Follow this link for the full position description:

Interested?  Send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

The mission of LeARN

Founded in response to the July 2023 flooding event, the mission of the Lamoille Area Recovery Network (LeARN) is to assist individuals and families impacted by flooding and other natural disasters and support resilience building in light of almost certain future disasters.  LeARN will do this by:

  • Assessing and cataloging the unmet needs of individuals and families impacted by the disaster
  • Identifying and securing financial and other resources to meet those individual and family unmet needs
  • Coordinating and managing the matching of resources to the needs
  • Supporting targeted town and community efforts to prepare for and build resilience against future disasters.

LeARN will serve individuals and families impacted by disasters in the towns of the Morrisville Agency of Human Services District.

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