WORK NOW Act would Infuse $50 Billion into Nonprofit Community

The “Work Opportunities and Resources to Keep Nonprofit Organizations Well Act,” or WORK NOW Act (S. 740/H.R. 1987), would infuse $50 billion into the nonprofit community across the country to get people back to work and make sure nonprofits are able to meet the needs of the populations they serve.

• Funding will cover salaries and wages up to $50,000 for each employee, plus benefits. Some portion
of grant funding may be used to cover operating costs (such as rent, utilities, insurance policies, and
maintenance) and programmatic costs.
• 80% of WORK NOW grants will be distributed to state, local, and Tribal governments for grants
provided to local nonprofits. 20% of grants will be allocated to intermediary nonprofit organizations for allocation to entities.
• Priority for grants by governments or intermediaries shall be given to organizations serving public
needs that have increased during the pandemic, including housing and emergency shelter, public
health, arts and cultural, food insecurity, supplemental educational services, direct services to help
individuals stabilize their lives and fund self-sufficiency, and services in rural areas

Read the full summary of the WORK NOW ACT from The National Council of Nonprofits.