Mcclure Foundation Training: Pathways To Promising Careers

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McClure Foundation Senior Philanthropic Advisor Carolyn Weir and Mathew Barewicz, the Vermont Department of Labor’s Economic & Labor Market Information Chief, are Lauren-Glenn Davitian’s guests to share these latest findings and an updated online resource.

Weir also talks about grants currently available for programs that connect Vermonters with these training and education pathways. Pathways to Promising Careers is a revised list of the top high-pay, high-demand jobs projected for Vermont over the next 10 years—and the education/training needed to obtain them. Using the most recent data, the McClure Foundation partnered with the Vermont Department of Labor to identify over 60 job categories that are expected to have at least 250 openings over the next decade and pay more than $20 per hour.

For current and future jobseekers willing to invest in training and/or education after high school, it is clear: promising employment opportunities are already available throughout Vermont for people of all interests and backgrounds. More information about job prospects may be found here:

This new brochure and online resource will be an important tool for guiding students’ college and career choices as well as for adults looking to switch fields.

For organizations and education institutions that connect Vermonters with the training and education needed to fill these jobs, the McClure Foundation is offering funding to support training programs.