#Relief4Charities Day of Action 9/20/21

On Monday, September 20th, 2021, join nonprofits from across the country for the #Relief4Charities Day of Action. With deadlines for the infrastructure package, reconciliation and the federal budget rapidly approaching, now is the time to amplify our call for Congress to support the nonprofit organizations who have provided essential services throughout the pandemic and who will lead the way to recovery. We invite you to learn more about the national nonprofit policy priorities outlined in the Charitable Nonprofits Policy Priorities Letter, and to speak out on this Day of Action. Read on for more details and specific asks…


  • If you haven’t already, read and sign on to the Charitable Nonprofits Policy Priorities Letter, already supported by over 1,200 organizations in all 50 states.
  • Post on social media to raise awareness about nonprofit policy priorities. Draw on the specific asks and talking points below to customize your message (and include a link to the Charitable Nonprofits Policy Priorities Letter https://bit.ly/relief4charities), or use one of these examples:
    • Nonprofits have been there for our communities throughout the pandemic. We need Congress to pass #Relief4Charities to help us continue to be there for those who need us as the nation recovers! https://bit.ly/relief4charities 
    • We urge Congress to pass #Relief4Charities provisions, including supporting nonprofit jobs, extending the Employee Retention Tax Credit, and encouraging charitable giving! These resources will enable nonprofits to meet community needs as we recover from the pandemic. https://bit.ly/relief4charities 
    • [Your org] and other nonprofits stepped up during the pandemic to provide:
      ✅ Food for families
      ✅ Safe and affordable child care
      ✅ Shelter for the unhoused
      ✅ Hurricane relief
      ✅ And more!
      Congress, pass #Relief4Charities to help us continue to serve our communities!
      (Customize list to suit your organization)

Specific asks:

  • WORK NOW Act
    Ask: We ask that Congress pass the “Work Opportunities and Resources to Keep Nonprofit Organizations Well Act,” or WORK NOW Act (S. 740/H.R. 1987), which would infuse $50 billion into the nonprofit community across the country to get people back to work and make sure nonprofits are able to meet the needs of the populations they serve.
  • ERTC
    Ask: Specifically, we ask you to prioritize continued and robust support for the ERTC in your committee markups for budget reconciliation by:
    • Allowing charitable nonprofits to access the ERTC during the Fourth Quarter of 2021;
    • Extending nonprofit eligibility for the ERTC through 2022 to help ensure a strong economic recovery from the pandemic; and
    • Amending the definition of nonprofit “gross receipts” for the ERTC program to better reflect revenue available to support nonprofits amid the pandemic.
  • Universal Charitable Deduction
    Ask: We urge Congress and the Administration to significantly increase the cap on the deduction, extend it at least through 2022, and preserve the itemized charitable contribution deduction, all to ensure that nonprofits can serve their communities.
  • Relief Funds
    Ask: We call on Congress to appropriate funds for emergency grant programs that enable nonprofits to advance their missions of serving communities.

Key messages for the Day of Action:

  • Nonprofits have been there for our communities throughout the pandemic.
  • While demand for their services increased, nonprofits didn’t miss a beat… even when struggling with limited resources and facing challenges of their own.
  • Across the country, nonprofits ensured families had food on their tables, provided individuals with health care services, helped caregivers get back to work by offering safe and affordable childcare, sheltered those who have been unhoused, provided relief for those impacted by recent hurricanes and so much more.
  • But support is needed so they can continue to help the nation recover.
  • The PPP loans that saved millions of nonprofit jobs have run out and donations haven’t bounced back yet – and the Delta variant is causing new financial challenges.
  • More than 600,000 nonprofit jobs that were lost due to the pandemic haven’t returned yet.
  • We urge Congress to prioritize the following measures that will support nonprofit jobs and provide the resources needed for nonprofits to meet community recovery needs