Reports & Data

Vermont’s mission-driven sector contributes to the well-being of its people and plays an important role in the economic and cultural life of the State. These reports include valuable information to raise the profile of the sector with the public and policy makers.

Nonprofit Wages & Benefits Report of Northern New England

Every two years, Common Good Vermont teams up with the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits and Maine Association of Nonprofits to collect the latest data on wages and benefits from our tri-state area. The Report provides vital information about Vermont and Northern New England’s nonprofit workforce with salary and benefits benchmarks on 39 full and part-time positions with which to analyze organizational offerings. The 2022 Report is available for purchase and the 2024 Report is going to be published this fall. Learn more here.

Vermont Nonprofit Economic Impact Report

The data presented in this summary report of the economic impact of the sector was produced by Common Good Vermont with the support and assistance of the Vermont Community Foundation, the Center for Rural Studies at the University of Vermont, Public Assets Institute, and the A.D. Henderson Foundation. Explore the Interactive Version

2023 VT & National Nonprofit Workforce Survey Results

In April 2023, the networks of the National Council of Nonprofits conducted a second nationwide survey to secure the latest, comprehensive information about the nonprofit workforce, nationally, and in Vermont. Read key findings and full reports here.

Summary Nonprofit Report on Government Grants and Contracting

Hearing more frequent and urgent concerns from nonprofits surrounding government grants and contracts, at the request of these nonprofits, Common Good Vermont agreed to launch a Government Grants and Contracting Survey in September 2022 to better understand nonprofits experiences. Download the report HERE.

Understand Your Responsibilities: Guidance for Board Members of Charitable Nonprofit Organizations in Vermont

In broad strokes, the Attorney General of Vermont’s guide lays out the central legal duties of boards and board members, and provides some practical details about how these duties can – and should – be carried out. Whether the charity has a budget of $1000 or $10 million, the board’s legal duties are the same. Along with presenting the legal baseline, this guide offers practical suggestions for boards seeking to adopt best practices.  Download

Vermont’s Nonprofit Sector: February 2011

Vermont Community Foundation’s report provides an in-depth look at Vermont’s nonprofit sector—its scope, its challenges, and its opportunities—as seen by Vermonters and our state’s
nonprofit leaders. It was made possible by the generous contributors to the
Vermont Community Foundation’s Philanthropic Leadership Fund. The Community Foundation’s Understanding Vermont program helps philanthropists learn about community needs, lead through investment in innovation, and grow philanthropy by inspiring others to give. Working with others, the Foundation periodically produces in-depth reports—such as this one—on issues where there is significant community interest and momentum. Download