Digital Access Series: Key Elements for Inclusion of Disabled People

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Inclusive Arts Vermont has partnered with the Vermont Arts Council to offer a series of workshops on improving digital access to arts programming for the inclusion of disabled people. The pandemic has drastically changed the way organizations deliver programming, and there is a misconception that the new digital methods are inherently more accessible for disabled people. Truly accessible and inclusive programming requires specific skills and preparation, and these workshops will cover a variety of essential topics including disability etiquette, creating alt text, accessible web design and social media, graphic design and marketing practices, and more. 

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There are nine workshops altogether. They are not consecutive, so feel free to pick and choose topic(s) that are most relevant to you. All workshops will be held on the first Tuesday of the month, through July 2022. Participation is free to Vermont non-profit arts and culture organizations. Topics include: 

Dec. 7: Communication: The Power of Language & Disability Etiquette

Jan. 4: Creating Alt Text & Verbal Descriptions

Feb. 1: Beyond the Physical: Meeting Sensory Needs

March 1: Accessible Zoom Meetings & Events*

April 5: Accessible Web Design*

May 3: Accessible Social Media*

June 7: Graphic Design & Marketing Practices

July 5: Creating an Accessibility Action Plan*

*CGVT has flagged these workshops as having sector-wide applicability.