The Organizational Assessment Series: An Annual Snapshot of a Nonprofit’s Performance Potential

Thank you to Washington Nonprofits for making this series available to Vermont nonprofits at a discounted rate!

The Organizational Assessment Series: An Annual Snapshot of a Nonprofit’s Performance Potential
60-minute webinar: Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 12:00pm Pacific Time
$40 non-members $20 Use Vermont Nonprofit Discount Code: CGVT

It’s a well-known fact that people and organizations are stronger and more grounded in
creating their futures when accurate information is the basis for their decision-making. Yet, as
diverse stakeholders are invited into solving problems, leveraging opportunities, and charting
the future, many are taking part in conversations that are based on a low-degree of facts and a
high-degree of subjectivity.
A well-timed and thoughtful assessment is as fundamental to the health and vitality of an
organization as a physical examination is for any living thing. The results provide an indication
of areas that are functioning as needed and expected. It also can draw attention to processes or
systems that may be underperforming or putting the organization’s viability ultimately at risk.
This one-hour overview of organizational assessments offers a framework for participants to
consider the key elements of a reasonable review and have a discussion within their own
association, congregation or charitable cause about what constitutes reasonable evaluation of
the key indicators of their performance. At Third Sector Company, we believe that the results of
an organizational assessment create a foundation for deeper dive evaluations aimed at the
chief executive performance review process and an annual board assessment.

Learning Outcomes:
 Construct a thoughtful organizational assessment framework
 Engage in a directed conversation with board and management about starting a
reasonable organizational assessment process and its value to both management and
 Coordinate a timed evaluation culture that creates a synergistic relationship between an
organizational assessment and the resulting impact on executive and board
performance reviews

Who Should Attend: Board Members, Nonprofit Staff, Executive Directors

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