Candidate Events

Date(s) - August 18, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Fee: $25
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Common Good VT is pleased to share this upcoming webinar as part of the 2022 Action Circles Summer Webinar Series

This is an election year, and hosting an event that you can invite candidates to can be a powerful tool to build relationships with legislators and support for your issue in the Statehouse. If you host an event during an election season that any legislator is invited to, then you are required to invite all candidates for that District. Hosting such an event can help you to identify candidates who are interested in your organization or issue, hone your message and identify the top reasons why candidates would want to work with you, and start to identify legislative “Champions” for your issue. You should have minglers assigned for any Candidate Event – minglers are leaders in your organization who are responsible speaking to every single person at the event and inviting attendees to engage in your issue or Campaign in some tangible way. In this webinar, Amy Shollenberger will help participants think through all the elements of a Candidate Event, including choosing your minglers and making sure they are prepared, thinking about optimal times and locations for candidate events, and more!