NFF’s 2022 National State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey is live

How has your organization changed through the COVID pandemic? How is racial equity showing up in your work? Add your voice to the largest national sampling of nonprofit leaders on nonprofit finance and its impact on mission.

What is the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey?

The State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey – the biggest national sampling of our sector – collects data about US nonprofits’ health and challenges and transforms it into an accessible, evidence-based illustration of nonprofits’ ability to help the communities we all serve. It’s a powerful platform for nonprofits large and small, urban and rural, across sub-sectors and geographies, and its findings are widely used and cited by nonprofit leaders and boards, funders, advocates, policy advisors, media, researchers, and many others. 

NFF shares data and analyses from the State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey widely to support nonprofits, funders, advocates, researchers, and many others. Visit to dig into the data and customize and download graphs, and email [email protected] for other analyses or historical data.

Click here to take the survey.