Management & Operations

Management is about human beings. Its task is to a make people capable of joint performance, to make their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant. That is what organization is all about. And it is the reason that management is the critical, determining factor. – Peter Drucker

Heather Carpenter spells out eight operational areas which are critical to running the day to day work of a nonprofit organization. In her extremely useful Nonprofit Operations Toolkit, Carpenter details key competencies in the areas of Legal, Human Resources, Accounting/ Financial Management, Fundraising/ Development, Board of Directors/ Governance, Technology, Planning and Training.

You can find more detail on many of these topics and more at Common Good Vermont’s Nonprofit 101.

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Watch: Six Questions for Great Teams, Great Organizations, and Great Leaders

Joe Fusco is a speaker and panelist who offers thought-provoking and often unconventional views and insights in the areas of leadership development, organizational and problem-solving culture, business and cultural trends, economic development, corporate responsibility and sustainability, and life/work balance.

FLSA Overtime Regulations 

In 2016, many Vermonters were preparing for changes to FLSA Overtime Rules/ Although the rules did not change, this video provides essential information on staffing and overtime regulations. The updated wage threshold for exempt positions would have required many Vermont nonprofit organizations to pay overtime or to expand staffing. Experienced in nonprofit law and equity issues, Burlington Lawyer Kerin Stackpole briefs viewers on the new labor regulations and answers questions. She talks about the legal requirements and the simple fairness of paying employees for the hours they work.

Find current Overtime Pay Requirements of the FLSA from the Department of Labor here.