United Way of Windham County: Re-Imagine Project

Project Overview: Since 1958, United Way of Windham County has improved lives and built stronger communities by focusing on Health, Opportunity, Prosperity, and Education – HOPE. We unite individuals, businesses, and organizations to create long-lasting, measurable change. As we look to the future of Windham County, we recognize the need to Re-Imagine a more equitable community. The Re-Imagine Project will lead the conversation between United Way of Windham County and all community stakeholders in identifying and addressing what our shared priorities are. The Re-Imagine Project is not working towards “normal” because we know that “normal” was just not working for too many people in Windham County.

Project Goals: To have, for wide circulation, an executive summary (white paper) of all the conversations surrounding the issue areas that Windham County wants to prioritize solutions for or advocate for at local and state levels. The executive summary should help readers understand the complex issues that threaten the equity and safety of our communities. If a general agreement on a solution to a problem is identified by those stakeholders most qualified to speak to a certain issue topic then the solution should be reported on.    

Scope of Work: The chosen facilitator will lead conversations with community stakeholders including, but not limited to: Non-Profit Executive Directors and Program Managers, Business Owners and Managers, Local and State Representatives, and the General Population. The issue areas the Re-Imagine Project cover the range of Basic Needs such as: Housing, the Charitable Food Systems, Race and Social Equity, Coronavirus impact on BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Populations, Financial Stability, and Advocacy at the local and state levels. The chosen facilitator will have discretion on how to lead the conversations (Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.) with the support of the United Way of Windham County personnel.

Project Timeline: The chosen facilitator should begin the planning phase of the Re-Imagine Project immediately upon signing of a contract with United Way of Windham County. The Executive Summary should be completed by January 30, 2021.  

Proposal Due Date: October 16, 2020

Contact: Ruben R. Garza  Email: [email protected]  Phone #: (802) 257-4011