Maximize Your Mission and Bottom Line by Rooting Out Burnout

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Date(s) - May 15, 2024
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm


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Common Good VT is pleased to share this webinar hosted by UNA! Please contact [email protected] any questions. 

Target burnout with actionable strategies that fit your organization’s scope. No fluff.

95% of nonprofit leaders are concerned about burnout* but only 18% of leaders feel confident in helping their team members avoid it**. Elevate yourself beyond the average nonprofit professional by learning the research-backed approach to reducing burnout in those you oversee.

This training is a deep dive into the practical application of burnout and prevention science principles. Takeaways include learning how to determine the specific causes of burnout in your organization (there’s more to it than you think) and creating a custom plan for taking action in your own organization or team.


Where to focus your energy to get the most impact

  • See burnout as more than just compassion fatigue or secondary trauma
  • Understand spheres of control, from macro to micro
  • Stop scattered efforts that may not address the real issue

How to prevent rather than react to burnout

  • Go beyond just recommending self care and stress management
  • Learn the framework for improving outcomes in your organization
  • Identify burnout-specific risk and protective factors

Create a concrete plan for your organization or team

  • Apply the training’s strategies to your organization’s unique context during the webinar
  • Zero in on managers as the keystone of your burnout prevention efforts

Long term results: Get control of burnout so you can focus on your mission.

*According to The Center for Effective Philanthropy’s “State of Nonprofits 2023”

**According to Development Dimensions International’s “Global Leadership Forecast 2021”

Who should attend:

Executive Directors, Board Members, HR, Supervisors, Anyone interested in understanding and addressing burnout at the team or organizational level

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

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Speaker Information: Chelsea Frost

Chelsea Frost is a believer that burnout doesn’t have to be an industry norm and that people can be healthy and happy even when stressors are present and resources are scarce. Chelsea is a Certified Executive Coach and trained in organizational development through the University of Utah. Her practice, STOP BURNOUT Executive Coaching, is based in Utah. Because she understands what it’s like not knowing how to address burnout, she doesn’t believe in “fluff” trainings and looks forward to adding as much value to you as possible in the short time she’ll have with you.