Train Your Board: Is Your Board a Random Board?

Thank you to Andy Robinson for sharing his recent Train Your Board article:

Are you searching for new board members?

Here’s the dysfunctional version of board recruitment, which is way too common:

The nominating committee (if you have one) asks the board for suggestions. Nobody responds, so they wait and ask again. When you’re finally up against the deadline, the board members pull out their phones and start swiping through their contact lists.

One of them says, “Hey, I know a guy…” This is how you end up with a random board.

Are you looking for a better strategy?

In today’s post, we discuss board design: how to imagine your best possible board, identify the gaps between what you want and what you have, and recruit people to fill those gaps.

No, this is NOT the cookie-cutter board matrix: lawyer, CPA, banker, mega-wealthy person, etc. For most organizations, this approach is both ineffective and unrealistic – it probably doesn’t represent the community you serve.

Instead, you can design your board to meet the specific needs of your group. This requires vision, planning, honesty, and a willingness to look beyond your current circle of contacts.

In today’s post, I’ll show you a simple exercise that will shift your thinking about how to build an effective board. I know you’ll find it useful.

May all your board dreams come true,


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