Common Good VT Announces 2023 Policy Agenda

More than 6,300 Vermont nonprofits provide services, good jobs, and civic engagement that make our communities stronger. Employing 1 in 7 Vermont workers and contributing over $5.7 billion per year to the economy through wages paid, retail and wholesale purchases, and professional service contracts, the nonprofit sector is the second largest industry in the state after the government. 

Through education, relationship building, and advocacy work, Common Good Vermont (CGVT) works to strengthen Vermont nonprofits and the communities they serve.  

CGVT focuses on issues affecting all nonprofits with attention to operations, equity, development and employment. Understanding that there are many issues impacting our sector and the communities we serve more broadly, CGVT works collaboratively with ally organizations and subject matter experts on intersectional issues to advocate and share information and opportunities for engagement as capacity permits. CGVT works in partnership with the United Way, National Council of Nonprofits, and sub-sector leaders to support issue specific causes (ex. Housing, Mental Health, Childcare) that strengthen our communities and local economy. 

CGVT’s priorities are outlined in the following Policy Agenda, allowing for flexibility to respond to issues as they arise in support of the common good of the sector.  

Supporting Nonprofits’ Ability to Serve People & Communities 

  • Workforce Development: CGVT supports policies that encourage workforce participation and nonprofit employment including increasing funding to support jobs in the nonprofit sector; workforce development and recruitment programs targeting nonprofit employment; and expanding employee and public benefit programs. 
  • Nonprofit Operations: CGVT supports policies that reduce or eliminate administrative burdens and expenses for nonprofits and policies that benefit nonprofit employers and employees. CGVT will provide feedback on existing and proposed regulatory and legislative policies impacting the nonprofit sector. 
  • Tax Policy & Charitable Giving: CGVT supports policies that encourage charitable giving and volunteerism. CGVT Opposes policies that weaken the tax-exempt status of nonprofits or create new taxes, fees, or payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTS) on tax-exempt nonprofits. 

Strengthening Community Impact Through Partnerships and Building Trust 

  • Government Grant & Contract Reforms: CGVT supports policies that strengthen government-nonprofit partnerships by making government grants and contracts financially viable, equitable and accessible for Vermont nonprofits. CGVT supports state investments in the nonprofit sector, including but not limited to relief aid, workforce support, and capacity building funding.  
  • Nonprofit Sector & Workforce Data: CGVT supports increased nonprofit sector-specific data tracking and transparency; access to nonprofit employment and employer data information; and timely information related to nonprofit employers and the role they play in our economy and greater employment systems. 
  • Promoting Civic Engagement: CGVT supports policies that protect and expand voting rights; encourage civic engagement; preserve advocacy and lobbying rights for nonprofits; and center equity and inclusion. 

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