Help Advance Equity in the Nonprofit Sector by Sharing Your Experiences in the Race to Lead Survey

Thank you to the National Council of Nonprofits for this information on the Race to Lead survey:

People in our sector, including advocates, need to hear your experiences so we all can learn and give stronger voice to change – change at the personal, organizational, and systemic levels. Since 2019, the nation has experienced the COVID pandemic, uprisings in response to the murder of George Floyd and police violence, the continuing epidemic of mass shootings, and dramatic shifts in the political landscape. How has the nonprofit sector shifted in response?

The Race to Lead Survey, an initiative of the Building Movement Project, is building the largest dataset on race and leadership in nonprofits to inform and improve the sector. Previous surveys conducted in 2016 and 2019 have dispelled myths about leadership readiness and informed DEI efforts across organizations. 

Unlike many surveys that are intended for one response per organization, the Race to Lead survey recognizes that every individual’s experience is different – even within one organization – and so they are looking for as many individual responses as possible.

Oh, and did we mention that you can win one of ten $250 gift cards by completing the survey?

Please take and share this survey with everyone you know in the nonprofit sector to contribute to new understandings of how these changes are impacting all nonprofit workers, leaders and organizations. The survey explores new topics – like the experiences of frontline workers and changing expectations of nonprofit workplaces – while continuing to gather important information on the intersection of race, leadership, and nonprofit culture.

The Race to Lead survey isn’t just about numbers, it captures personal experiences – good or bad – that contribute to a collective story and the potential to transform the nonprofit sector. Each individual nonprofit worker’s story is a meaningful qualitative data point that helps make the case for moving organizations and the sector towards a shared vision of equity and belonging. Spread this survey far and wide to help develop stronger, more equitable nonprofit organizations and deliver positive impacts in communities served.

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