Sign-On Opportunities: Federal Grants Reform & Charitable Giving Legislation 

Two opportunities to voice your support for federal legislation addressing key nonprofit issues:

Federal Grants Reform Legislation

The Streamlining Federal Grants Act (S. 2286/H.R. 5934), a bipartisan bill in the Senate and House, would help address many of the challenges that nonprofits experience with federal grants. Among other things, the bill would establish a Grants Council that would provide guidance to federal agencies on streamlining and simplifying grant applications and reporting requirements; improve nonprofits’ user experiences with federal grants; and mandate that government agencies solicit input from nonprofits and other partners on ways to improve the delivery of services to communities through federal grants. Learn more about how the legislation would positively affect charitable organizations. To encourage Congress to pass the Streamlining Federal Grants Act, a broad coalition of nonprofits is sending a letter to leaders in Congress asking them to take action on it.  The deadline to sign on to the letter is November 11.

Charitable Giving Legislation

The annual Giving USA report found that individual giving declined by 13.4% last year and responses to the workforce shortage survey show nonprofits anticipate that 2023 will be as bad or worse. The Charitable Act (S. 566/H.R. 3435) would create a universal charitable deduction or above-the-line tax deduction (i.e., a tax deduction that taxpayers can claim on their Forms 1040 regardless of whether they use the standard deduction or itemized deductions) for non-itemizers who make charitable contributions. The deduction would be capped at one-third of the standard deduction (about $4,600 for individuals and $9,200 for couples). The Charitable Giving Coalition has prepared a letter to leaders in Congress urging passage of the Charitable Act. Nonprofits are invited to add your organization’s name to the letter. The deadline to sign on to this letter is November 17.