Common Good Partners with the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits on Two Upcoming Webinars

Common Good VT is pleased to partner with The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits to make the following trainings available to Vermont nonprofits at a discounted rate (use code CGVT):

Understanding the Google Grant Program: Helping Nonprofits Grow

In this session you’ll learn:

  • What is the Google Grant?
  • An example of how nonprofits can use this type of advertising to help grow revenue.
  • What to expect and why it has it to be managed.
  • Resources & management options (self or professional management)
  • How to apply for the grant

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Safety & Bravery

As part of this workshop, you will walk out with an understanding of:

  • The 4 stages of psychological safety and why these are critical for a team’s success
  • How to have brave and candid conversations for positive outcomes
  • How to act as an ally when bravery is needed
  • How to build safe spaces for open dialogue

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