Registration Closed: Nonprofit Training & Consulting Pilot Program Starts May 5th

Date(s) - May 5, 2023

Fee: $1,000
Register at:

Are you an employee of nonprofits who will provide training or consulting as part of their work? Are you an independent consultants and/or trainers looking to work with nonprofits? Or, are you just interested in working with nonprofits as a trainer or consultant?  

The NTC Pilot will be an opportunity to develop the skills and expertise needed to be a nonprofit trainer or consultant in an evolving sector. Whether you want to be a trainer, advisor, or facilitator, this cohort will jumpstart your nonprofit consulting work! During the program, participants will receive hands-on training to learn the basics of consulting, develop a trainer toolkit, and draft a business plan for their consulting or training work.

Nonprofits depend on skilled, knowledgeable, and financially accessible consultants to guide their work and missions. The program is part of a comprehensive statewide strategy to build technical assistance resources and workforce development training to support Vermont’s nonprofit sector and combines live training, cohort learning, and self-guided work.

We’re excited to share that our pilot program has been filled. If you want to be added to the waitlist for 2024, please reach out to [email protected]!

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