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Capstone Community Action is one of five Community Action Agencies in Vermont. We are dedicated to creating resilient households and communities and to advancing justice in social, economic and environmental policy. We empower individuals with the tools and resources to move beyond poverty. Through advocacy and community collaboration, we champion positive social change. We guide people to have a voice in their own transformation and promote a vision of what is possible.

The Capstone VISTA will serve three climate focused programs in the Climate Impact and Community Economic Development departments including GreenSavingSmart, MileageSmart, and our new rural transportation company Community Rides Vermont. This position has two main responsibilities: community outreach and creation of digital content (writing blogs/creating educational videos). We aim to create impact for low-and-moderate income Vermonters by increasing their awareness of programs that they may not have been aware of or known that they qualify for. This will help alleviate poverty by empowering people with information and tools that will allow them to make positive financial choices, and access resources to decrease their carbon footprint.

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