Nonprofit Interview Series

This summer, CGVT Intern Ayden Carpenter interviewed nonprofit leaders from across the state. Here we’ve compiled the entire series and invite you to get to know these remarkable individuals and their work. While each participant brings a unique perspective to the table, they share insights that will resonate throughout the sector and speak to common nonprofit challenges, experiences, and opportunities. Many of these conversations underscore the importance of community building, so we hope this project can foster a greater sense of connection and comradery. Please take some time to explore these videos!

Jesse Bridges, CEO
United Way of Northwest Vermont

Lurcia Missakila, Advocate, Director of Outreach/ Prevention/Education and Volunteer Coordinator
HOPE Works

Tawnya & Mike Kiernan, Founders
Bee the Change

Shabnam Nolan, Executive Director
King Street Center

Dr. Melissa (Mel) Houser, Executive Director/Founder
All Brains Belong VT

Connie Beal, Working Bridges Initiative Director
United Way of Northwest Vermont

Thank you to Ayden and our wonderful interviewees for making this series possible! We hope to add to this series in the future, so if you’re interested in being interviewed, please let us know!