Strengthen your Operations with Structural Integrity (Sponsored post)

Structural Integrity can help you strengthen your operations, enabling your staff to focus more on those you serve and less on the distractions that operational inefficiencies create

Core business functions – like budgeting, financial and grant reporting, communications, knowledge and document management, hiring and performance, technology, and data systems – are foundational to an organization’s ability to advance its mission.  Nonprofits are too often left trying to figure all this out for themselves, absent operations expertise and while managing pressing program and fundraising needs.

We founded Structural Integrity, a Vermont-based nonprofit, to help other mission driven organizations focus on and improve their operations infrastructure to generate capacity, enhance sustainability, and center impact. By leveraging over thirty years of nonprofit finance and operations experience, Structural Integrity can help you with consulting and technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Financial Management (including financial systems and controls, budget and grant management, public funding compliance, financial reporting, staff financial skills, and board and finance committee management)
  • Internal Alignment & Communication (including file sharing and knowledge management, project management, internal communications platforms and practices, and cross-team collaboration and decision-making)
  • Staff Engagement (including performance management, planning and goal-setting across teams, hiring, and onboarding and offboarding)
  • Data Systems & Technology (including staff hardware, software, tech support, data usability and accessibility, and data security and compliance)

Whether you need a few sessions of thought partnership, support on a defined project to strengthen your operations infrastructure, interim capacity to cover finance and operations responsibilities during a staffing transition or while you determine the right long term coverage solution, or ongoing access for coaching and flexible support, we can create an engagement that works for you and your budget.

Looking to strengthen your operations but not sure exactly where to start?

When it comes to building efficient and effective core business operations, we hear from many nonprofit leaders that “they don’t know what they don’t know.” Through a multi-hour customized workshop that we collaborate with you to design, we can discuss what’s working well with your operations infrastructure, areas of potential improvement, and suggestions for specific ways to implement these improvements.

Our engagement will include:

  • Introductory and scoping conversation to identify the ideal focus for our workshop (1 hour session)
  • Customized and interactive workshop designed to analyze the focus area outlined in the scoping call (3 hour workshop)
  • A written assessment identifying best practices in the focus area of choice, areas of potential improvement, and suggestions for specific ways to implement these improvements at your organization 

Interested in a Customized Workshop?  We’re offering a discounted rate of $450 (50% off the typical $900 rate) to organizations who learn of us through the CommonGood VT newsletter.

Email [email protected] today to schedule your workshop dates or a no cost consultation to explore your needs.  Learn more about our service offerings at