Vermont Story Lab Launches Free Online Labs

Now What?

Nonprofit Storytelling in a Time of Upheaval

The Vermont Story Lab invites nonprofit professionals to participate in a free summer online lab series, designed to be collaborative, to encourage deep listening and sharing, to help your organization pivot with its pitch and message, and to offer at-a-distance storytelling feedback, strategies and tools to tell stories in this time of social distancing.

Nonprofit Staff Story Circles: Sharing Our Own Stories During this Time of Crisis 6/30

This is Our Story, This Is Our Story Now: Pivoting to Tell the Story of Our Relevance in a Time of Profound Uncertainty 7/7

Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been Project Kitchen: Testing Storytelling Strategies and Tools in a Time of Social Distancing 7/23

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About Vermont Story Lab:

Storytelling for change. That’s our clarion call. We are a network of nonprofits and individuals with a common goal: to weave storytelling through the fabric of nonprofit organizations to expand our reach and impact. We see ourselves as both experts and apprentices to each other, and place a high value on peer-to-peer learning with lots of experimentation sprinkled in!

If you’re looking to improve your nonprofit storytelling in a supportive community of practitioners, please join us. Learn More.