Announcing the 2022 Nonprofit Wages & Benefits Survey!

Common Good Vermont is pleased to announce the Vermont launch of the 2022 Survey on Nonprofit Wages and Benefits in Northern New England. The survey is conducted every two years in partnership with the Maine Association of Nonprofits and the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits and is used to produce an annual report that tells an important and deeply informative story about nonprofit employment in Vermont and northern New England. This year’s survey includes new questions to help assess short-term changes to our workforce, equitable hiring practices, and shifts in remote work.   

As we look to the future, understanding how our sector is changing is an essential step in planning for what comes next for nonprofits, our communities, and our economy. In Vermont, our nonprofit sector employs about 69,000 people, or 1 in 7 workers, contributing about $5.7 billion per year to the economy through wages paid, retail and wholesale purchases and professional service contracts.   

“The Nonprofit Wages & Benefits Survey is an essential tool for our ability to advocate and advance the non-profit sector, which holds significant importance to our Vermont communities and economy. Considering the ever-shifting landscape of the hybrid workplace and the continued workforce challenges in front of us, non-profits must adapt our hiring, pay, benefits and people strategies – shared employer data is key to us developing a stronger, more robust, and sustainable future together. We must support the people who do the work as much as we support the work itself.”  

-Jesse Bridges, CEO, United Way of Northwest Vermont

We encourage all 501(c)(3), (4), (5), and (6) organizations to participate and ask nonprofit-serving organizations and businesses to assist in expanding the reach of the survey. The more participation we have across regions, revenue sizes, and missions, the more meaningful the data and report will be. Plus, survey participants and partnering organizations will receive the completed report for free! All others may purchase the report once it’s released for $125.

Do YOUR part, and take the Nonprofit Wages & Benefits Survey today:

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