Nonprofits Encouraged to Submit Public Comment on Proposed Health Insurance Rate Increases

The Office of the Health Care Advocate has shared the following information regarding health insurance rate increases. Because this year’s increase will be felt most acutely on the small group side, nonprofit employers, and their employees, with plans through the small group market are encouraged to submit public comment to the Green Mountain Care Board by July 24th about how health insurance premium increases will impact their organization, including their ability to provide services and programs. Please see below for more information from the Office of the Health Care Advocate about the proposed rate hikes:

For the second year in a row, BCBSVT and MVP have requested double digit premium rate hikes in the small group market. As the consumer voice in the insurance rate review process and as a small employer the Office of the Health Care Advocate understands how these proposed premium increases can impact health insurance access and affordability. To bring attention to this important issue, we hope that you will share this information with your network and consider submitting a public comment. Individuals and small businesses can submit a public comment to the Green Mountain Care Board by July 24th. It’s vital to share stories about affordability and access to care with the Green Mountain Care Board so we can encourage them to take action.

Proposed Rate Increase:

The cost of health insurance is likely to go up in January for roughly 68,324 Vermonters and small businesses who buy their insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and MVP Health Care. How much the price goes up will be decided by the Green Mountain Care Board after the rate review hearings in July. BCBSVT has requested an average increase of 14.5% for small businesses and MVP has requested an average increase of 12.5% for small businesses.  If the increases requested by the two insurers that sell health insurance policies to small businesses in Vermont are approved, premiums will go up an average of 13.5%.

Public Comment:

Before the hearings in July, the Green Mountain Care Board needs to hear from businesses and their employees about how premium increases will affect their ability to purchase and afford health insurance. Help encourage those in your network that would be impacted by this change to submit a public comment so that their voices can be heard in this process!

Submit Public Comment Here

The HCA’s Role:    

The Office of the Health Care Advocate acts as the consumer voice in the rate review process. We represent the public in rate review hearings and advocate for affordability in our health care system. It’s our responsibility to tell the Green Mountain Care Board how these proposed rate increases impact small businesses and their employees. To bring attention to these proposed rate increases, we are spreading the word about the public comment process. The Green Mountain Care Board is obligated by law to take public comments on proposed rate filings and take this testimony into consideration during the rate review hearings. 

How You Can Help:

Please share information about the rate review public comment process with your organization. We are also looking for support to bring attention over social media. We have attached a flyer, newsletter and graphics that can aid in this effort.

If anyone you know needs assistance submitting a public comment, or wants individual advice related to health insurance or access to care issues, contact the Office of the Health Care Advocate’s HelpLine at 1-800-917-7787 or visit

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions related to rate review, or if you would like to touch base about the work of our office.