Nonprofit Management Certificate Program

Nonprofit Management Certificate

The  renowned 80-hour program helps nonprofit leaders like you gain and refine the skills needed to strengthen your organizations and achieve your missions.

Are you employed or otherwise involved in a nonprofit organization and eager to gain valuable expertise that will make your contribution more effective? The certificate program provides immediately-applicable training in the core competencies of nonprofit management. It is intended for people who want to make a serious investment in their not-for-profit careers.
Schedule: The Nonprofit Management Certificate (NPM) is offered annually in the Fall. The 2020 Program is currently being restructured to meet COVID-19 requirements.

Participants: The certificate program is designed for active practitioners and leaders in Northern New England’s vibrant nonprofit community. To be successful in this program, participants must reserve ten days for the face-to-face workshops at the heart of the program.

Workshops: The 2020 Program will include remote training and cohort learning around the following nonprofit topics…

  • Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations & VT’s Nonprofit Sector
  • Fundraising & Development
  • Governance & Board Leadership
  • Strategic Planning & Planning for Change
  • Nonprofit Financial Management
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Outcomes & Evaluation
  • Operations & Human Resources
  • and more!

Trainers: Our list of trainers include some of Vermont’s leading Nonprofit consultants and instructors such as Andy Robinson and Jenn Hayslett. Additional speakers include nonprofit leaders, funders, and policymakers who support Vermont’s nonprofit sector.

To learn more about this program, email [email protected].



“I came to [the] nonprofit management certificate program with questions, and I left with a whole lot of answers. More importantly, however, I left with skills, tools and guidance to carry me forward in my chosen profession.”

“It was a great orientation to the world of nonprofits. I left the course with a solid understanding of nonprofit organizations, and I feel confident in applying for nonprofit jobs.”

“The Nonprofit Management Certificate Program was a great fast track option for busy working nonprofit leaders. The information was practical, the connections helpful and the faculty very experienced. I have a much more complete skill set to bring back to my work place along with a renewed confidence for tackling tough issues in the nonprofit world.”

“I’ve waited more than a year for the opportunity to participate in this Certificate program. It was well worth the wait. Renewing my business knowledge, seeing my organization in a new light and finding or solidifying my personal goals were just some of the benefits for me.”

“My job would have been easier having all this information from the start of our organization. Now, I have a plan and the tools to bring our organization to where the founder envisioned.”

“This program gave me concrete tools to improve the operation of our board. I very much appreciated the expertise of the other members of the class and the diversity of the organizations represented.”

“I found the certificate course enormously helpful. I’m a newcomer to the nonprofit world, and every class brought immediately applicable information. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”