Action Alert: The Most Urgent Action Alert of the Year


The Most Urgent Action Alert of the Year!

Your 10 minutes of action could prevent unnecessary suffering by tens of millions of people and the nonprofits that serve them.


Dear Readers:

As you read this, Senators and Representatives are coming back to DC to pass a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown on December 12, and then leave as quickly as possible – perhaps without enacting desperately needed COVID legislation. If Congress fails to provide legislative relief to address the worsening health pandemic and economic recession, millions of people will suffer needlessly and tens of thousands of our nonprofit colleagues will lose their jobs when their services are needed more than ever. Join us today in demanding that Congress take action to provide #Relief4Charities. Here are three things you can do right now; we’ll have more suggestions as the week goes on:

  1. Email (RepresentativesSenators) and tweet to your Representative and Senators the new Nonprofit Community Letter.
  2. Tweet one of these sample messages to your Senators and Representative. You can also post additional tweets using the #Relief4Charities hashtag, expressing why your nonprofit and the people you serve need additional relief now.
  3. Spread the word! Ask three people to join you in taking those valuable and easy actions. Or write an op-ed for your local paper detailing the challenges your nonprofit is facing and calling for a COVID relief package that includes the #Relief4Charities. You can find key talking points here.