Are Workforce Shortages a Problem for Your Nonprofit? Take the Survey!

Nonprofit workforce shortages have been national news for the last several years, but is this still a problem impacting your mission? We’d like your help in answering that question. 

Take the survey.

A survey of the charitable nonprofit sector in late 2021 documented a severe workforce shortage crisis causing unfilled vacancies, long waiting lists of people seeking services, chronic burnout, and other struggles to meet needs in local communities. The survey results led to action to implement solutions at the community, state, and federal levels. 

Now, 18 months later, the state of nonprofit employment is unclear. Anecdotally, we hear that problems persist as charitable organizations compete for employees with governments and for-profit entities while also trying to cope with increased demand for services, natural disasters, inflation, and declining revenues. The lack of accurate data makes it hard to manage the situation, much less overcome the growing challenges.

Help tell the charitable nonprofit story today. The results of the survey will drive solutions for this year and beyond.

P.S. Are underfunded government grants or contracts contributing to your workforce shortage? Join your peers in calling on Vermont to Fund the Full Cost of Nonprofit Services!

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