State Treasurer Pieciak Visits UWNWVT to Deliver Unclaimed Property Check (Nonprofits: You may have money waiting for you, too!)

From the Office of the State Treasurer:

State Treasurer Mike Pieciak visited United Way of Northwest Vermont’s main offices on Friday to deliver an unclaimed property check to CEO Jesse Bridges. The check was in the amount of $1,133.54. 

“I am glad to be able to take time today to reunite United Way of Northwest Vermont with these funds and to learn more about their impactful work while I am here. I would like to remind Vermonters to search our claims database for their missing money as the Treasurer’s Office is currently holding over $119 million of unclaimed property,” said Treasurer Pieciak.  

“Unclaimed property” includes assets like uncashed checks, lost valuables, forgotten security deposits, misplaced insurance policies, investments, or estates. Claims can belong to individuals, businesses, or even non-profit organizations like United Way of Northwest Vermont.  

“Helping Vermonters gain financial stability is a major focus of our work at United Way of Northwest Vermont and we know this is a shared priority of Treasurer Pieciak and state lawmakers. What we’ve seen, especially through United Way’s Working Bridges program, is that many of our neighbors are struggling to meet basic needs, even when they have good jobs. This is why it is so important for Vermonters to know about and access resources and programs that can help ease financial burdens and set them on a path to financial stability,” noted Jesse Bridges, CEO of United Way of Northwest Vermont. 

Currently there are close to a million properties waiting to be claimed. There is never a charge to claim funds through the Treasurer’s Office. Vermonters are cautioned to be wary of companies claiming to locate and recover property for a fee.  

You can search online at is external) or call the Unclaimed Property Division at (802) 828-2407 or toll-free in Vermont at 1-800-642-3191.