As Congress Flirts with Another Federal Government Shutdown…

From National Council of Nonprofits –

The new federal fiscal year begins October 1, 2023 and Congress appears to be no closer to funding federal government operations than it was in July when it adjourned for a six-week recess. Congress now has less than two weeks to enact 12 appropriations bills to fund the federal government through September 30, 2024, pass a stopgap spending bill known as a “continuing resolution” (CR) to provide temporary funding for the federal government, or allow the gridlock caused by partisan and intra-party squabbles to shut down the federal government. The Senate appears on track to pass legislation that combines three of the spending bills this week, but the House has devolved into internal disputes within the Republican majority over how much to spend, how many unrelated culture-war policy riders to tack onto appropriations bills, and how long any short-term bill should run. A plan announced on Sunday by competing factions among House Republicans appears designed only to try to get all in the party on the same page but unable to secure passage in the Senate or approval by the White House.

Without action by Congress, large parts of the federal government will shut down beginning on October 1. Normally, government shutdowns are threatened to secure leverage in negotiations; currently it appears that the tactic is now both a strategy and goal of some in the House, all to the harm of individuals, communities, and the charitable nonprofits that serve them.

… The Impact on People, Communities, and Charitable Nonprofits Could Be Catastrophic.

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