National Council of Nonprofits: Repealing the Tax on Tax-Exempts Was the Work of (Many, Many) People

We are thankful to National Council of Nonprofits and our partners across the U.S. and Vermont for their hard working towards repeal of the tax on nonprofit transportation!

Read National Council of Nonprofits blog review on the repeal and what made it possible:

“There’s a saying that victory has a thousand parents and defeat is an orphan. That adage became especially applicable once the President signed into law the repeal of the tax on nonprofit transportation benefits. The repeal is a community-wide accomplishment to celebrate, thanks to thousands of individuals and organizations united in common purpose.

What did it take to secure the repeal? It’s easy to learn from mistakes, but harder to learn from success without giving special attention. So, let’s look back at the work done over the last 20 months to see what can be learned from this collective achievement.”

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