Common Good VT partners with Minnesota Council of Nonprofits for 2021 March & April Training

Common Good VT is pleased to partner with Minnesota Council of Nonprofits to make the following training available to Vermont nonprofits at a discounted rate (Code NCN):

Mar 10, Universal Design: Inclusive Program Development and Communication10am-12pm CST, $45/$65

Mar 25, Cultural Differences: Communication Styles and Conflict Resolution, 1-3pm CST, $45/$65

Mar 17, Beginner Grantwriting: Getting Started+, 9am-12pm CST, $89/$129

Mar 24, Income Generation for Nonprofits, 1-3pm CST, $45/$65

Mar 17, Board Training Series: Inclusion and Diversity, 6:30-8pm CST, $45/$65  

Mar 31, Board Training Series: Models of Governance, 6:30-8pm CST, $45/$65

Apr 13, Board Leadership and Engagement Fundamentals for Success, 10am-12pm CST, $45/$65

Apr 14, Board Training Series: Nonprofit Finance, 6:30-8pm CST, $45/$65

This training partnership is made possible by the National Council of Nonprofits.