Call for Proposals to Support Food Access in Health Care

A competitive grant opportunity is made possible through a Network Development Grant awarded to Bi-State Primary Care Association by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  The Network Development Grant is supporting the Food Access in Health Care (FAHC) work in Vermont.  The goals of the Network Development grant broadly include:

  • Strengthening / implementing food insecurity screening and referral infrastructure;
  • Strengthening / implementing nutrition insecurity screening and referral infrastructure;
  • Supporting and expanding basic meal tailoring/medically tailored meal models across the state. This could include layering components onto a few basic diets (e.g. DASH) to medically tailored, prepared meals for individuals with a range of health conditions;
  • Supporting healthcare related food interventions that impact dietary change needed for different health impacts;
  • Knowledge dissemination; this includes trainings for medical staff, trainings for food partners, resource development, public messaging, and more.

Grant Award: $2,500 – $20,000

The VT FAHC Network works collaboratively to identify strategic initiatives to implement our mission – going beyond special projects and pilots to sustained, fully integrated, far-reaching programs that will become foundational to our health care system. Our Network is currently focused on building capacity to develop and implement policies, secure project funding, and directly support the transformation of food’s role in health care at the local and statewide levels in alignment with our mission. Our collaborative efforts will result in better health for all Vermonters. The purpose of this grant opportunity is to provide a means to support projects and initiatives that support food access in healthcare activities such as the growth of medically tailored meals, nutrition access, food insecurity screening and referral infrastructure, nutrition insecurity screening and referral infrastructure, and/or other related food access in health care activities.  Proposals must be in alignment with our mission, vision, and priority areas (defined in the attached proposal guidelines). A grantee may receive a funding award no more than once per fiscal year (July 1, 2024 -June 30, 2025). Subsequent funding awards will be dependent upon successful completion of the previous grant project.  Projects that will not rely on additional grant funding from us (beyond what is applied for here) will be given preference.

Eligible organizations for funding include:

  • Non-Profit, Faith-based organization, public organizations, municipalities, tribal governments, and educational institutions.
  • Organizations serving Vermonters (does not need to be operating exclusively in VT)
  • Project goals must meet a need identified in the community.
  • Applications will be ranked based on our priority areas, mission, vision, and strategic purpose, as well as the degree of impact.

Proposal Deadline: COB May 17, 2024

Please send proposals to: Kristen Bigelow-Talbert ([email protected]) and Jamie Rainville ([email protected]).  A confirmation email will be sent back to you upon receipt.  (If you do not get a confirmation within 2 business days, please reach back out as our email has a strong spam filter that occasionally filters out legitimate emails.)