Train Your Board: The Imperfect You is the Best You

Thank you, Andry Robinson, for sharing this Train Your Board article:
When you’re leading a group, how vulnerable can you get?

While facilitating a recent train-the-trainer workshop, I fielded questions I couldn’t answer. I missed opportunities. I forgot to use the microphone. I thought, “I could have done this instead of that.” I made mistakes.

And I discussed these missteps with the group, in real time, as they happened.

Sounds like a horror show, right? Actually, it was one of the best workshops I’ve ever led, because it demonstrated the value of humility and vulnerability. The participants found this approach to be really powerful.

Today’s post is all about the positive impact of being less than perfect.
 Showing Up Imperfect
To be clear, imperfect doesn’t mean incompetent. You need to know your stuff, have a plan, and demonstrate that you can manage the group. You need to create an atmosphere of comfort, competence, and safety. You need to be present and empathetic.

But that’s not the same as being perfect. In fact, striving for perfection can create barriers between you and your group.

If you aim to get it exactly right every time – and even if you don’t – please take a look at today’s post. I know you’ll find it provocative and maybe even helpful.

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