“Equity in Hiring” & “Disrupting Wage Gaps” – Webinar Recordings Available for Purchase

Do you want to create an equitable hiring process, and unsure how your biases show up in your assessment of candidates?  Do you want to align your organization’s values with your compensation program, but are unsure of where to start?

Look no further! After receiving positive feedback from participants, the recordings of two webinars presented by Edgility Consulting at 2022 Nonprofit Summer Camp are now available for purchase:

Equity in Hiring: How to Mitigate Implicit and Explicit Biases

In this webinar, Edgility Consulting presents Equity in Hiring, a training where they will walk you through better understanding and mitigating biases in the hiring process. Edgility shares research on biases, how they show up in hiring processes, and how to actively mitigate them.  They also share some scenarios to identify and mitigate biases. Recorded 7/14/22.

Purchase Recording – $35

Disrupting Wage Gaps: How to Align the Market and Your Values

In this webinar, Edgility Consulting provides an actionable outline on disrupting wage gaps and achieving pay equity in your organization. Edgility is a national search and talent management consulting firm whose compensation practice helps social justice-focused organizations build compensation programs through a lens of equity and inclusion. In this webinar, they share research-based foundational practices necessary for pay equity, provide models, samples, and tools, and offer an equity-centered approach for aligning your compensation program with your values. Recorded 7/15/22.

Purchase Recording – $35